Wireless FAQ


What types of wireless connections are available at NMSU?
There are two types of wirelss connection available: public and encrypted. AggieAir is a public, unsecured wireless connection, and AggieAir-WPA2 is an encrypted wireless connection. If you are dealing with any personal information, such as credit card numbers, user names, and passwords on NMSU wireless, you may want to use an encrypted connection for additional security. See the “Does the wireless system use or support encryption” section below for more information.

Where at NMSU can I connect to NMSU wireless Internet?

Check out the Wireless Zone locations list to find buildings with wireless access points and coverage areas. You can also contact the ICT Help Desk at (575) 646-1840 for current locations and planned additions.

Who can connect to NMSU wireless Internet?

Any affiliated NMSU student, staff or faculty may connect to a Wireless Zone after registering their wireless device with their myNMSU username, password, and a unique hostname of their choice at:


University guests can request temporary access if they have a staff or faculty sponsor by using AggieGuest wireless network or the guest network registration form at the following URL:


What type of hardware or equipment does my device need?

To use a wireless access point, your computer must have a “Wi-Fi” compatible network card that is compatible with the 802.11b networking standard. This card allows a device to connect to a wireless network within a range of about 120 feet. Most modern devices come with wireless connection capabilities. If you need to purchase the network card separately, the NMSU bookstore has a wide selection of cards available.If you have any questions about your computer’s network card or buying the right network card, come by the  Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center Room 105, or call (575) 646-1840, or e-mail us at help@nmsu.edu.

How would I set up my device to use NMSU wireless?

Your computer’s networking connection must be configured to use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Most modern PC’s are configured by default to use DHCP; if your computer is not yet set up for DHCP, detailed instructions for configuring your computer can be found here:

Who should I contact if I’m having trouble using NMSU wireless?

For technical support of all NMSU wireless zones, please contact the ICT Help Desk at (575) 646-1840, or come by Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center Room 105. 

Email: help@nmsu.edu

Semester Hours:
8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday
10am – 3pm, Saturday
closed on Sunday

Summer, Winter, & Spring Break Hours:
8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday
closed on weekends

Not open administrative holidays

What are the pros and cons between wired and wireless access?

A wireless connection allows the user more mobility with Internet access; however, the network access rates are slightly slower than those of wired connections, and a wireless connection signal is more likely to be lost than wired. Wired Ethernet is probably the most stable and reliable form of Internet, due to the direct connection of the computer with a central network.

To find out about available Internet connection options, visit our Internet Services page.

Are there high speed wired (network cable) locations where I can use my laptop?

Most computing labs on campus feature wired ethernet connections that can accomodate laptop computers configured with DHCP. High speed Internet services are also available in many residence halls and other areas. Check out the Internet Services for details.


Who should my department talk to if they want to create or expand a wireless area?

Campus departmental and school technology support groups should contact the ICT Work Order desk at (575) 646-5999 during business hours (8 – 5 Monday – Friday) or submit a work order via the web at http://www.nmsu.edu/ict-form-2


Do I have to re-authenticate or log in every time I connect or move to a new wireless access point?

Your initial DHCP registration is good for any authorized NMSU wireless access point, meaning you will not have to register on the network each time you connect. However, you must or select the NMSU wireless network each time you want to connect to NMSU wireless Internet, or elect to have your device “connect automatically” to NMSU wireless whenever it is in range.


What login information do I need to connect in a wireless zone?

Before you can connect you PC for the first time, you will need your myNMSU username and password to register your computer on the NMSU network registration site:


If you do not have a myNMSU account, sign up here.

More information on your NMSU credentials can be found at https://kb.nmsu.edu/search.php?q=NMSU+account&cat=0

What if I can’t remember my NMSU user name or password?

If you have any questions about your myNMSU user name or password, you can refer to  https://kb.nmsu.edu/page.php?id=69241 or come by the ICT Customer Service and Help Desk in room 141 of the Computer Center, or call us at (575) 646-1840.


Does the wireless system use or support encryption?

NMSU wireless access points support two wireless networks; AggieAir and AggieAir-WPA2. AggieAir is not an encrypted connection, but AggieAir-WPA2 uses WPA2 encryption. ICT also offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client that can provide an encrypted connection, along with other computer software and updates.

For more information on AggieAir-WPA2, check out our connection guides here.

For more information on NMSU Cisco VPN, check out our connection guides here.